Choice hotels

Safety in hotels starts at the stage of choice. Sometimes this stage you realize the tour operator. Then make sure to choose a reliable tour operator who will put you in a precarious place, and will only work with reliable hotels.

When choosing a hotel yourself on the Internet, read reviews from other guests. Reading them, you will learn not only how the hotel clean, polite staff and if there are no insects, but also about how did not notice whether the other guests cases of theft or fraud by staff.

Also note the area of the city. Some urban areas are known as particularly criminal. This point is particularly relevant for countries with high crime.

The closer the hotel to the government buildings or police stations, the less likely you are to meet with the crime.

Review the evacuation plan

If the building has no evacuation plan, you will find out where are the nearest exits from your room, where the fire alarm is there on the floor, additional stairs and elevators, as well as find the nearest to your room exit to the street. Evacuation rules very important, despite the fact that hardly anyone pays attention to them.


In some countries, the criminals entered the room of tourists outside the building. In this case, well, if you chose a room not below the third floor. At the same time, it is better not to settle above the sixth floor, because there you in case of danger will not reach with ladders on the fire engines.

Before leaving, it is better not to hang a sign ", please, Remove my number", then that so you report your absence all in the hallway. If you are afraid of theft, better hang the "do not disturb". You can also leave a radio or TV running. No need to give the keys with the doorman, and you should not announce when you will return.

Do not leave the room valuables, electronics and documents. Not to carry, place them in the paid safe at the reception.

In case of fire

If the building caught fire, then in any case can not use the Elevator. Must immediately leave the room and head for the nearest stairs. In a smoke-filled space, crawl across the floor because there is more fresh air.

You can't break a window for access of air, if the fire started in your room. So in a room supplied with oxygen, from which the flames flare up much stronger.

If you are unable to leave the room, turn the water on in the bathtub, fill it, wet all the fabric items in the room. Politcnica all the cracks with wet blankets or towels. In the case of hopeless situation, you can try to leave the room, wrapped in a wet blanket.