You will need
  • — porridge "Heinz";
  • — milk;
  • — water for baby food;
  • — children's juice;
  • — a mixture for baby food;
  • — scoop;
  • — bottle feeding.
Select the appropriate mess. Experts recommend to start with a safe gluten-free options – buckwheat, corn or rice mixture. If a baby has a tendency to diarrhea, offer him rice, and those who, on the contrary, suffered from constipation, suitable buckwheat. Kids, not experiencing digestive issues, you can offer oatmeal or wheat porridge.
If the child is not allergic, you can try the options with fruit and vegetable ingredients – carrot, pumpkin, Apple, plum. In the line of "Heinz" there are cereals with prebiotics that helps to stimulate proper digestion and protect the immune system of the baby.
Decide what kind of cereal you offer the kid. Dairy-free options divorced warm milk – breast or special children. If the baby suffers from lactose intolerance, you can hydrate dry cereal soy milk mixture, which usually feeds your child. Dairy-free porridge , it is recommended to dilute the children's drinking water.
Add a portion of dry mixture into a clean bowl. Add pre-heated to 40 degrees water or milk according to the instructions and stir until smooth. Note that the proportions recommended by the manufacturer, provide an opportunity to get a thick enough mixture that you want to give with a spoon. If your child prefers liquid food from the bottle, increase the amount of liquid. Try adding a spoonful of cereal into regular formula – this variety of diet the baby will definitely appreciate.
Milk in porridge , you can add half a teaspoon of oil or butter – this is especially helpful to babies with low birthweight, suffer from problems with the chair. If baby doesn't like the taste of cereal with milk, dilute it slightly warmed baby juice – Apple, pear or others that your baby loves.
Carefully watch the reaction of the baby. Solid foods, start with one spoon of ready-made porridge and gradually increase the dose up to 150-170 ml, replacing it with one feeding. Do not try to diversify the diet of the child – first make sure that his body without problems accepts the new food.