Vegetable puree at the beginning of the feeding

To start the lure better with a single-component vegetable puree, containing a single vegetable. You should read carefully the composition of the sauce: it should not be sugar, salt, flavorings and preservatives. Often the packaging write "vitamin C" under this title manufacturers imply the presence in puree, ascorbic or citric acid. These acids are considered the safest antioxidants. But if the baby is only acquainted with vegetables, mashed potatoes must be free of vitamin C.
The best choice the first child is a puree of cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini. After the introduction in the diet of the child of these vegetables it is possible to buy the multi-component purees, i.e. in the composition which will, for example, all three of the vegetable.

Fruit purees at the beginning of the feeding

The fruits are introduced in the diet after vegetables, because fruits children eat with pleasure. But fresh vegetables baby after them may not want to eat.
As the first fruit puree in the diet of the baby it is better to choose one component from: Apple, pear, plum. It is not easy to find a fruit puree without sugar. However, it is better to try to do it. Sugar – a strong allergen, it is better to avoid in the diet of the baby.
Therefore, the recommendation is to carefully read the composition of the package of sauce remains in force in relation to the fruit puree.
Prefer Russian brands. Domestic manufacturers rarely add to the mashed potatoes preservatives and sugar as puree faster gets to the consumer. These are such brands as "frutonyanya", "Spelenok", "Agusha", etc.
Over time, the baby will have lots of different fruits. But do not buy him an exotic fruit purees that are not typical for the diet of the parents. For example, mango puree. These mashed potatoes invented by manufacturers to increase profits, and not for the health of the child.

Puree with cream

Data sauce is very tasty, but have a complex mixture of fruit, cream, sugar. These mashed potatoes is, for example, marks "" Subject " and "Spelenok". Choose only those mashed potatoes, all the components which are already familiar to the baby. In the diet of the baby definitely has to be milk. Otherwise there is a risk of a severe allergic reaction to the cream.

Puree with pieces

Some manufacturers not only complicate the composition of the mash, but introduce gradation of ages (6, 10, 12 months). The older the age, which focused on the mashed potatoes, the more it slices. This is done in order to gradually teach the child to chew. For example, such mash produces the brand "Semper".
Do not buy these mashed potatoes if your child has not yet reached the recommended on the pack age. It will be too difficult to chew and swallow a puree.
Still you should be attentive to the composition of purees, but not for the presence of preservatives. Often, these mashed potatoes are made not in Russia. In Europe absolutely other standards and requirements for child nutrition. Therefore, in their composition often spices and other ingredients, which in our country pediatricians do not recommend small children. For example, black pepper and tomatoes.

Meat sauce

Better to give preference to a puree in a metal packaging: the meat does not darken from light, as in glass jars. Not worth to buy meat with spices. The most suitable for beginning the feeding of meat mark – it "Agusha" and "Subject". After the baby will be well is a one-component meat with vegetables, you can buy a more complex sauce. Such as pasta with meatballs sauce, for example.