Connecting schools to the services of "the" for free. Access for parents is also free of charge. To connect educational institutions to the service Manager or authorized employee of the school must apply by filling out the form on the website and wait for approval. Before using the service Director or designated representative will need to import the system existing in the school lists of students and parents, and then to get everyone a code for access.
The parent or guardian of the student may register, as the school received the personal code and access code for the child. On a personal computer log on to the website — you will find yourself on the login page.
Before you start to work with the service and use the apps, read the rules of the electronic diary. To do this, click on the "About the project". For registration will need the email. If you do not, please create a new mailbox.
Then return to the login page, enter the proposed school access code, click "Next". On the next page, fill in the form, specifying your name, username and password. The username is your regular email and password, think for yourself. After the procedure is completed you will be prompted to go to your email. Confirm your registration online by clicking the link in the letter sent from the administration of the electronic diary.
By entering the username and password, click "Login". Register on the website "E-diary" of their child/children. When registering, pay attention to the cipher, which you have given to the school – it must be different for all users.
The access code is only required during the initial registration. For future use, just enter the username and password. Personal page of each user contains tab "Schedule", "School", "Dictionary", "Dictionary", "Diary". All the data you type in teacher e-journal, available immediately and the parent and student.