You will need
  • the Internet and the computer.
The Internet provides many opportunities to make your greetings unique and memorable. The easiest, of course, use ready-made templates for postcards and poetry or in prose congratulations. In Internet there are many sites that specialize in such services. And congratulations with the day of birth designed to accommodate: men, women, children, bosses, subordinates and so on.
You can take advantage of making an individual congratulations, by setting some parameters, and you can send a voice greeting. In this case, you choose: write it yourself or use ready. Your greeting can be applied to the image, video or audio file. In General, the possibilities for greetings, open vast.
In addition, there is always this option: to take as a basis a ready-made template and slightly modify it to suit your situation. This method is suitable for those who do not have the ability to pay for the services of a professional, but want especially to congratulate family or friends. This is the case when the free option may not be the same and sometimes even better paid, because you modified the greeting will be a piece of your soul.