Curly hair is different from straight porous structure and other details of the internal structure, so they are more prone to section, and often broken. Respectively, and caring for them requires specific.
The best way for curly hair will suit a medium length haircut. Short wavy hair best not to cut off, otherwise it will look like a hedgehog. To emphasize the curls or waves will help hairdressing techniques such as graduation and layering. Consider your face shape, eyes, and hair growth, when you choose the hairstyle for curly hair.
Chubby owners of curls suitable length to the chin. If you're dealing with fine curls, then focus on the asymmetrical haircut. Those born with wavy hair, you should leave a thick bangs and focus on the layers. When widely spaced cheekbones wonderful will be the effect long curls left on the sides.
For curls in any case you should not use thinning shears. Profile wavy hair can be other methods, for example by applying a technique such as the "Poynting". She is able to give excellent form to even the most curly hair. Every professional hairdresser needs to know about it.
When you complete the haircut curly hair, try to be neat, especially if you work with tips. The best way is to use a technology called "hot scissors". This method is unique in that it is able to seal the ends of your hair, with the result that they are protected from moisture loss and breakage.
And one last tip. Do not use for cutting wavy hair razor. Method shaving cutting has gentle properties and is able to harm curly hair. Use only the scissors.