That is necessary for bleaching hair at home

Yourself to bleach your hair, prepare in advance to this procedure. Purchase the most appropriate remedy for bleaching your hair color. You can buy it in one of the shops of professional cosmetics.

Calculate how much paint you'll need. If you have long hair and you are not sure that you have enough of one package, just in case buy two.

Before the procedure of bleaching hair coloring you need to check to the possibility of allergic reaction. This is necessary in order to know whether you apply it on your hair. To do this, one day before the procedure, apply bleach on a small patch of skin and a few minutes to view the result. Apply paint in a special gloves so as not to hurt the skin.

Prepare all the required procedures tools - a comb with thin end for separating strands, an old towel, a brush and a bowl for paint, disposable gloves, an alarm clock, etc. Put yourself in the junk or old clothes that can be discarded after the procedure. Lay Newspapers on the floor to keep it clean ink drops.

How to bleach your hair at home

Carefully read the instructions to the facility for bleaching. Thoroughly mix contents of packet with the liquid developer and lightening agent in the manner specified in the instructions. As a result, you get a mixture resembling cream.

Using a brush begin to apply decolorizing the mixture with the back of his head. Initially processed the back of the head, then go to the top and front side. Spreading the tool throughout the length of the hair, raise them up to the top and put on the special cap, if so stated in the instructions for use.

Also don't forget to watch how much time you need to keep lighten the hair. It is advisable to put at the right time alarm, so as not to overdo the mixture.

Periodically lift the cap a little to look at the color of the hair. This is to ensure that they are not discolored completely and not reminded then a straw. Seeing the desired shade, wash your hair with mild shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. After that, dry the hair naturally or with a hair dryer.

Before you bleach your hair at home, think how good you will be able to carry out such a procedure. If you are not very confident in their abilities, better to turn to a professional master of a beauty salon.