Why can't I lose weight?

Reasons why can't lose weight, there may be several. However, most of them associated with stress, fears and complexes, not the absence of a firm resolve to get rid of excess weight.

Anxiety, stress, sadness and depression traditionally jammed a considerable amount of "tasty" sweets, meats, baked goods, junk food.

The reason that you can't lose weight, can become painful breakup of a relationship. Maybe he already left in the past and you managed to forget, but your body is not. Because he tries to protect and comfort by Shrouding the extra layer of body fat.

Often weight gain occurs after marriage, even if a woman is not much change your diet. In this case, weight gain is also to blame for the subconscious. Usually, married ladies calm down, that now my husband is not going anywhere. So, you can relax. Or, for example, previously you led an active lifestyle, dancing, walking, doing Pilates, and after marriage began to deal with the economy, move less.

Women often excessively proud of their appearance, finding flaws - sometimes nonexistent - literally everything. Over time, this dissatisfaction can turn into a real hatred. And your body received less from you care and love, begins you so "revenge."

The lack of love and loneliness, too, can lead to solace themselves nutritious and tasty food. And the result is excess weight.

In some cases, to lose weight, not enough willpower. Such people periodically or constantly breaking the mode of training and nutrition, coming up with various excuses. Promises to myself tomorrow to start all over again while also not being implemented.

Can't lose weight, what to do?

Having dealt with the reasons for getting rid of extra weight seems an impossible task, proceed to eliminate them. In addition, you will help to lose weight following techniques.

The inclusion in its programme of weight loss daily exercise. If you were previously power or aerobic exercises, start to do it. So you will be able to strengthen the muscles and boost the metabolism.

Changing the type of training. For example, if you strenuously rocked the press, now do some swimming or Jogging. From time to time change the work that your muscles do not have time to get used to them or try interval training.

Change the ratio of nutrients in the food. If you sit on the protein diet, is to diversify its carbohydrates. In contrast, the carbohydrate diet, add more protein.

Daily alternating-calorie diet. For example, you've used every day of 1900 calories. And now try to confine the first day 1600-1700 calories, and the second to eat more - 2100-2200 calories. Thus, always ensure that your weekly allowance was the same.

The change in the number of meals. Once eat 3 times a day try to divide your daily intake into 5-6 receptions.

It happens that the person complies with all these rules, but weight loss is still not possible. In this case, give your body a rest - keep eating healthy foods (but not within the diet, decrease the intensity of the exercise and forget about weight control. And then after a while again sit down on a diet, start to train hard, and under such hard pressure of the extra weight starts to go away.