Disadvantages of sports at night

Sports activities cause activation of all systems of the body – increases blood circulation, increases metabolism, begin to produce hormones, including a certain amount of adrenaline. The body comes to tone, the brain begins to work faster. Sleep after a workout is nearly impossible, if only people did not sleep well the night before and practiced to the point of exhaustion – but it is very harmful for health, especially for cardiovascular system. Most of the people in the night after the sport just will not be able to sleep, which will cause sleep disturbances. Biological clock is so arranged that at night the body requires rest.

But not all people live on the same schedule. If your body carries great wakefulness at night and during the day you feel tired and lazy, if your schedule allows you to sleep, for example, in the morning or afternoon, it is possible to train at night.

How to exercise at night?

Some famous athletes and bodybuilders trained at night: it's Arnold Schwarzenegger, Boyer, Chris Dickerson. Properly scheduling your classes and keeping a few important rules, they have achieved great success. One of the major advantages of night physical activity – lack of urban noise, silence and tranquility, conducive to concentration. Yoga night is a great time, but also other sports too, you can devote this time of day.

Not to expose your body to high load and not to harm yourself, need a good sleep prior to exercise or sleep the previous night or day. Please note that after class hours, most likely, have to be awake. This is especially true of those who pursue weight training. Swimming, stretching exercises, yoga soothe the body to sleep easier after that.

If the time for a good sleep before training not enough sleep at least three to four hours in the evening: this will help to avoid heart problems due to regular night sports. After exercise, follow a stretch and do breathing exercises, it will help to bring the body into a restful state.

If you are doing late at night, don't forget three hours before workout dinner – the body needs enough nutrients for exercise. On an empty stomach to train harmful.

Watch your health during regular night sports, measure blood pressure and pulse and if necessary, do not conform to the norm, change your schedule, otherwise increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.