Why have after school sports?

There are many different opinions about whether or not to eat after exercise. Some say that you need to starve at least three hours after exercise, others recognize only protein shakes, others say that the all you can eat, in addition to carbohydrate food. But professional nutritionists not only allowed to eat after sports, but also recommend to do it, because the body needs to recover from heavy workloads.

In addition, intense exercise cause an increase in the number of stress hormones in the body – increases blood levels of cortisol and adrenaline. They help to move faster to overcome the difficulties, to cause the body to be loaded, but after a workout these substances are no longer needed and even are damaging to health. To lower their level can insulin secreted with food intake. It is therefore very important to eat after sport, to restore the body in the mode of calm and recovery. Stress hormones are neutralized, the energy loss is restored, muscles begin to food, and the body subconsciously relaxes. If there's nothing to eat, the stress increases, the metabolism is disturbed, and the effect weakens.

Nutritionists recommend to eat in twenty minutes after a workout.

What can I eat after sport?

Harm to a large number of fast carbohydrates to figure well-known, but this does not mean you have to completely abandon these substances – they provide us with most of the energy. The first hours after exercise is the best time to consume carbohydrates, they will be recycled into energy and not will settle as fat due to the so-called "carbohydrate window": the speed of absorption of carbohydrates increases three to four times, so even the sweets and cakes you can eat without consequences.

But it is advisable not to get carried away by them, and eat the slow, "good" carbohydrates – cereals, multi-grain bread, bran bars. And chocolate can be replaced with more rewarding fruits and berries.

If the goal of your sport is to lose weight, it is desirable after a workout, eat about half the calories you burn. The process of burning fat it will not harm, as the body receives less stress. No need to confine carbohydrates should account for about 60% eaten, the rest should be fats and proteins. You can eat tofu, natural yogurt, slice of cheese, scrambled eggs, cereal with milk. The amount of fat should be minimal.