What is a Lingam massage

This type of massage was first used in Indian and Chinese cultures. In the ancient Indian language - Sanskrit - "Lingam" means the male sexual organ, the literal translation of this word sounds like "wand of light". In Tantra, the Lingam occupies a special niche and is a source of clean energy and high fun.

The Lingam massage is a massage of the penis, which includes a range of massage movements that help improve and enhance sexual activity, improve the reproductive system and the awakening of sexual energy. In addition, massage the complex includes not only the massage of penis and testicles, the mysterious G-spot and perineum for men.

Some use this method as safe sex, others for a variety of intimate part of life, but the main goal of this massage is to teach the man to relax, to relieve his stress and give him new sensations. Orgasm is not the endpoint, but can be a wonderful bonus.

Lingam massage: technique

In order to master the skills of performing massage of the Lingam, you will need 20-30 minutes on the theoretical part and the man who would trust you for the practical sessions.

This massage takes place in three stages:

Stage 1 - preparatory. Ask your partner to take a bath or shower to relax. The men breathing should be deep and moderate. You should do the same, because your attitude during the massage will be transmitted to your partner.

Stage 2 - primary. Invite the man to lie on his back, under his head he put a few cushions. Sit down between his legs. Before beginning the massage, moisturize your hands with a special oil or water-based lubricant. The massage begins with a light stroking of the Lingam, turning to the massaging of the testicles, pubis and perineum.

The basic rule of this massage is slow, gentle and sensual movements. Next go to the trunk to massage the Lingam, alternating slow and fast tempo, contraction and relaxation. Lifting up the trunk, start to massage the head of the penis. Light stroking come back to the perineum.
If you feel that the partner is willing to complete the "discharge" for a few minutes, take a break, to his excitement passed. You can then continue the massage.

After a short pause, find the G-spot and start massaging. Cherished point you can massage in two ways:

1. Finding the coveted spot between the testicles and anus (a small indentation the size of a pea and there is a point G), slightly press it and gently press. First, the man may feel slightly unpleasant, painful sensation. However, every pressing this inconvenience will pass and be replaced by pleasure. In the future, this point will be able to strengthen the intensity of the male orgasm. Stimulating the left hand G-spot, right continue to massage the Lingam.
As a rule, Lingam massage ends with an orgasm.

2. Stimulation through the anus. This massage breaks all the stereotypes, most men experience discomfort during penetration. That is why you must act slowly, sensitively, gently, using plenty of lubricant. Enter your finger 2 cm and bend it to a hook, as if beckoning someone. Under your finger you will have to feel the prostate. Massage it or press on it with alternating hand pressure and speed of stimulation.

Stage 3 – the final. After graduating from the erotic procedure, no fuss, and lay down next to her man and gently stroking his body. Let him feel the peacefulness and the highest degree of happiness derived from enjoyment!