There are 2 types of icons:
metal Soviet model;
- metal setting.

New icon based on the old: method # 1

For making the icon based on the first of them you will need:
- game piece (preferably plastic);
- metal badge Soviet model;
- sandpaper medium grain or a file;
- scissors;
- A4 paper with printed image of the future icon.

First, you need to prepare a picture or lettering that you would like to see on your future icon. You can cut a ready-made image or draw your own.

Once the picture is ready, give it a round shape and draw a black border (to make it easier to cut). This can be done in any graphics editor. It is desirable to keep the resolution at 300 dpi. On one sheet of paper of A4 size can fit more than 20 such "kruglyashek". So you can make badges not only to himself but to all his friends.

After you have edited the image, copy it to a Word document. Make measurements of the pieces (the diameter of the standard chips – 40-40,5 mm). In the Word menu, select "picture Format" and set the required parameters. Image size should be more than enough - if the diameter of the chips 40 mm, the image should be of a diameter of 41 mm.

Then print it on a color printer and make a cover. You can create it by using colorless nail Polish, the Scotch, the best option is lamination. This deals with any firm that provides services paid print.

The next step will be the preparation of the icon. Take sandpaper or a file and start erasing its front part to the metal base. The most important thing is to level the surface, so don't worry if a little paint. This step can be skipped, but then you have to apply more glue. However, there is no guarantee that the picture is securely on the surface.

When the Foundation is ready, cut out the finished image and paste it on the back side of the chips and on the front side of the last stick icon. Be careful not to get crooked. The reverse side of the self-made icon now paint marker or paint.

New icon based on the old: method # 2

For making the icon based on the metal sunset of the products you will need:
- scissors;
- metal setting icon (35-36 mm in diameter);
- ready picture with margins at least 1.5 cm (for hemming).

To start, separate the plastic base of the icon. Then carefully remove the metal part with the image in the film. Tilting the edge, remove the original picture and in its place attach your blank, bending the edges.

The top cover picture film, the edge of which also fold inwards. In the end, replace the plastic base with a pin. The icon is ready for use.

How else can you make the icon your own hands

In addition to the above methods of making the icon, you can make such a product using self-adhesive paper and plastic base with pin. For this the image you want to print on adhesive paper, then laminate or cover with tape, then glued to the base.

A more complex option would be to cast an icon from the lead. For this you will need:
- lead;
sand and fire.

On sand take any shape (star, heart, imprint). Melt the lead in a special metal bucket on the fire. When it becomes liquid, pour your sand mold and allow the workpiece to cool down. After a few hours you will have a unique icon.

The most important thing in manual work is a desire and a positive attitude. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!