You will need
  • computer.
To increase size of icons on the computer, i.e. operating table in the operating system, click "start" and select "control Panel". In the "control Panel" scroll to "Registration". If no such item, in the upper left corner click "Switch to classic view".
In the section "Registration", click on "Screen" at the top of the window. Opens the settings graphical representation of the operating system. You can also open this menu in another way. Right click on the desktopfrom the Desk. Click on the tab "Properties" from the context menu.
Please note on the next page, entitled "the readability from the screen. It is here that you can increase the size of desktop icons and also the font of the labels under them. The system offers three options small (default), medium and large. Alternately, select two points — medium and large, and decide which you like best.
Mark your choice and click "Apply". Rate of change of the desktop by minimizing all Windows. You can also change the size of the font by clicking on the item "Other size font" and select the desired scale symbols. In this section you can find also setup the screen resolution, desktop, color schemes, color calibration, screen saver settings and change the Wallpaper of the desktop. Experiment with the settings and set your layout.
If you further encounter any problems with the resolution of the screen or icons on the desktop desktop computer, you can change it the same way. Try different options. Also in this menu, you can view some parameters of the installed graphics card.