There is a perception that if you cut your hair, you can lose happiness, health and beauty. Too insecure nature that is why afraid to even hold the scissors close to my hair. This is, however, not all so clearly.


Some people do not risk to cut himself even bangs. The reason lies in the superstitions that forbid it. After all, according to one of the hair pieces human with the heavens, and, destrega them, he violates the divine connection. Thus, he intervenes in the Providence of God, and then not be able to interfere in what will happen to him afterwards to happen.

In addition, there is a belief that if a woman would cut his hair, then decides its beauty. Of course, men might think that it's all fiction, to often go to the hairdresser. However, some women believe this and religiously observe this principle.

Modern look

Modern society, though following some signs, but still looks at them the more sensibly, because they can explain from a scientific point of view. With this belief you can do the same. For example, cut his hair by yourself is often just inconvenient because it does not always work smoothly. The result is a pair of awkward movements of the head can not get a neat haircut, then you cannot improve. In this case the only solution is to wait for hair to grow and to repeat his attempt. Hence the belief that a woman that cuts her hair can lose their beauty. Because messy haircut is for her not to face, and resolve of confidence.

The opinion of the esoteric

Many esoteric also suggest not to cut your hair by yourself. According to them, the hair are the threads through which man communicates with the universe. Sostrigla hair, it violates the integrity of the connections, resulting with him and there are all sorts of misfortune. Moreover, mages do not suggest to cut hair, because only in this way man will be able to obtain from space.

For this reason, many sorcerers and psychics have long hair, and they are not willing to part with them. Believe it or not, everyone decides for themselves. If you want to look stylish, you have to go to the hair salon. However, when the fringe stopping, since a little grown, you can cut it yourself and, the main thing to do everything carefully. To bad things did not touch the man, he just shouldn't think about them.