Schmorl's hernia accompanied by severe pain in the back. They almost immobilize and demoralize the patient. To alleviate his condition and speed up the healing process, one should resort to traditional treatments.

How to treat hernia Shmorlja folk ways?

In this disease helps a cinquefoil. From the preparation of the tincture. The roots of this plant are taken in the amount of 150 g. they added 100 g of seeds of Hemlock, grass clover and elecampane. The collection is placed in a jar and poured the 500 ml of vodka. To insist tool is required within 21 days. Then finished tincture rubbed into the back, which felt painful.

Helps burdock. The leaves must be washed and excise with a knife. Then they become attached to the affected area at night. To use these packs is required every day until complete recovery. They can also be done with the use of Apple cider vinegar. First, the back thoroughly rubbed with camphor oil. Then takes a gauze, wetted in vinegar and applied over the hernia.

Use birch leaves. They reduce inflammation and restore the nerve endings. They need to fill the 3-liter jar, pour 1 liter of corn oil and cover nylon cover. All that is left for a week in a warm light place. After the Bank removed 14 days in the closet. When the tool is ready, you can immediately use it for the treatment of a hernia Shmorlja. It must be rubbed in the back a few times a day. The night should be on the basis of infusion of birch leaves compresses, but you need to dilute it with water in the ratio 1:2.

In this disease well help warm bath. They need to add the essential oils and pine extracts every day. Along with this, be sure to do rubbing alcohol. Such comprehensive treatment will give the fastest results.

Use cabbage leaves. They effectively relieve pain and favorable effect on the nerve endings. They need to be applied to the hernia in the morning and at night. It is necessary to fix the leaves with a bandage of gauze.

General advice on treatment of schmorl's nodule

Don't forget that folk remedies should be used in conjunction with special exercises. They should definitely choose a specialist. In addition, we need to eliminate the heavy load on his back and move more. When the condition improves, do some swimming.