When herniated at first the pain only appears after heavy exercise. If a hernia is left untreated, after some time, even a slight rotation of the trunk to be accompanied by considerable pain. People suffering from this disease, there is a slowing of nerve impulses, which leads to the violation of the sensitivity of the limbs and impaired condition of the skin.
In the initial stages of intervertebral hernia relief can bring the supine position with elevated legs. In this position, relaxes muscles and ligaments. Usually the doctor prescribes bed rest for a few months, along with this the patient must take a monkeyin painmay drugs.
In some cases, the treatment of the hernia of the back resort to stretching the spine. In this procedure, the intervertebral disc has the ability to return to the site. This method is quite old and proven, it relates to manual therapy. If the procedure of pulling performs professional, you can feel an instant pain reduction.
If medication and manual treatment is ineffective, surgery. Under local or General anesthesia, the patient makes several punctures and remove the injured disk. After the operation the vertebrae are easily fused together. Of course, at first the movements are a bit limited. The rehabilitation period is usually 3-4 months.
To prevent the formation of intervertebral hernia, it is necessary to monitor the posture, don't slouch, don't stay too long in one position. Frequent change of posture gives the possibility of vertebral discs periodically to relax. In addition, don't neglect the exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, because they are able to support the spine in a healthy condition.