There are folk remedies that will help rather quickly relieve the cough or permanently get rid of it. But before to use them is to understand what is the cough of the child. Cough is of two types: dry and wet. The first appears most often in the early stages of the disease. Wet cough usually precedes the final stage of the disease. But with prolonged excretion of sputum recovery may be delayed.

How to treat dry cough in children

A dry cough is dangerous because the sputum does not depart from the respiratory tract and accumulate there in large quantity. Children can cough, irritation in the throat. This adversely affects the General state, complicates recovery, may lead to complications. In this case, the child should give expectorant drugs, that will make him feel better.

Perfectly removes phlegm mixture of salt and soda dissolved in water. 0.5 teaspoon and a pinch of salt should be dissolved in 0.5 cups of warm water. The tool is taken 2 times a day. It is optimal to give it to a child in the morning before Breakfast and before dinner.

In warm milk add a teaspoon of honey and 0.5 tablespoons of baking soda, drink give your child before bedtime. It is a historically proven way to soothe a dry cough, helps to remove accumulated phlegm, improves the condition of the baby, promotes restful sleep. Instead of soda in this you can add alkaline mineral water.

How to cure wet cough in children

To quickly get rid of wet cough in children help inhalation. To conduct them, are great essential oils that can be purchased at any pharmacy. The most effective are inhalations with essential oils of fir, cedar, eucalyptus. They not only contribute to a more rapid discharge of phlegm, but perfectly calm the child and normalize his sleep. When conducting inhalations for children is enough to add only 3 drops of oil in hot water.

If the house has no essential oils and there is a pharmacy far, it is possible to do inhalations with a decoction of potatoes. Inhalation of moist vapour, there is a rapid release of mucus from the bronchi that much closer to recovery.

Every mother should remember that before treatment consult a pediatrician who will help you choose the most optimal and safe way. And also tell me how to use it and find the dosage in accordance with age, weight and gender of the child.