Attractive qualities of men

Probably, many can imagine a standard set of men's good qualities. The young man should be intelligent, charming, beautiful and sociable. Undoubtedly, attitude and Outlook on life girls with the age change, and if at a younger age, many are attracted to the "bad" guys, it comes and goes and manifests itself thirst for quiet, respectable men who are great family men and good fathers.

Also for young persons almost always on the first place there is the appearance of a young man. It doesn't matter that the guy may be a rare selfish at this age is a significant factor in a nice face and good figure, not everyone will agree to be close to the boy, very unattractive in appearance.

When a girl gets a little older, the choice of a young man beginning to prevail such qualities as ambition and sexuality. The latter must be formed to meet women's sexual requests. Ambition and success, in turn, are factors in the long-term, which will be required to progress in our careers, good earnings and, as a consequence, the maintenance of a family.

Becoming a Mature woman begins to look for in men such qualities as intelligence, reliability, good taste and manners. Developed style of behaviour and excellent manners characterize the successful man, which is important for a happy and comfortable family life. Beginning to dominate the need for spiritual intimacy and support that will be able to provide a gentle and sincere man.

No less important qualities are kindness, no bad habits, responsiveness. Subconsciously she chooses the father of the unborn child, so the love of children, or at least a good attitude towards them will also be not excessive.

That can ruin a relationship?

Of course, at any age, normal relations will prevent the qualities of unhealthy selfishness, aggression, pathological jealousy and self-love. Hardly anyone will be able to meet for a long time with an aggressive tyrant, unable to make independent decisions and an abnormal tendency to narcissism.

However, in any case, the decision always remains with the girl, she would have to choose - the charming and charismatic an egomaniac or a reliable man's shoulder on which to lean on for the rest of their days.