An important role in attracting the attention of girls is the appearance of a man. Broad-shouldered guys with masculine features very cute for women. If you are the owner of a small lower jaw, then her mask beard or stubble.

Use cosmetic products to clean and soften the skin daily. Visually do wider shoulders allows striped t-shirt or stylish jacket. You also will not prevent frequent visits to the gym.

For sexual attraction is important, not only the physical component, but also important internal content.

Always dominate over the woman. Avoid closed poses (crossed legs, hands), touch to the interviewee.

High growth and the ability to present yourself at the first interview – this is a demonstration of charisma.

Use flirt only with sincere intentions. Do not spray on trifles.

Men's grooming should be neat and status (for example, a haircut "under the brush"). If you have thin hair, you better shave them perfectly. Keep in her wardrobe at least one decent suit (not a sport, and classic). Girls love strong classics.

Be creative in bed. And then your friend will never be bored.