You will need
  • Musical instrument tutor.
Age limits. An adult is much harder to learn this skill. However, among Mature students are achieving. An adult compared to a child decreases the flexibility of the joints. And this affects the smoothness and evenness of sound. In addition, you need much more time to comprehend the material.
The study of solfege. Learning this subject will help to speed up the process of playing the violin. It may all depend on the ability to control their voice. Solfege may also teach the basics of musical notation and control sounds. Before playing the instrument, you need to learn how to read sheet music ringtones and utter them to himself. Special attention should be paid to the pace and tone. Therefore, before to start playing the instrument, the melody it is best to first try to sing. If we engage in the development of harmonic hearing, when playing you can learn to improvise.
The choice of the teacher. In mastering the violin an important role to play and the choice of a qualified tutor. It should help to keep your hands and point out basic mistakes when playing. It is optimal to do classes twice a week. However, if lessons is clearly not enough, their number can be increased.
Carpal vibration. In order to learn how to perform this kind of vibration, it is necessary to release the joint. Sliding on the fingerboard of the violin should be easy and without much effort. To achieve this effect is possible only through long rehearsals. The tool must be fixed in the most convenient, using the shoulder and chin. This will help facilitate the movement of the hand on the fretboard.
In this situation you can try and start to vibrate on the instrument. At the beginning of the vibration should be short. Its duration can be increased over time. To vibrate is to just brush and not joint. You also need to pay attention when playing on the correct sound. It should be clean and smooth. Other strings of the instrument when the game can not be hurt. First you need to try to create the vibration without the use of the bow. Because the correct vibration is an art.
When turns the melody it must be remembered that vibrate only on long notes. If you connect this technique everywhere, and work can get ugly.