Accreditation of the University is a confirmation of state-level quality services in various fields. In Russia higher education institutions to implement educational activities and issuance of state diplomas must receive confirmation and permission from the state.

The procedure of

Upon expiration of the license or the formation of a new specialty educational institution must submit an application with attached documents in Rosobrnadzor, after which the application is considered within 105 days and appointed experts. The accreditation Commission should verify the compliance of indicators of educational activities of the University with the established state criteria. The content of education is not subject to licensing. According to the results of the examination conducted by the Board, the Accreditation Board of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation adopts a decision on issuing a license.

Confirmation of passing University state accreditation is the issuance of the certificate of state accreditation.
The University the certificate States: the license number, date of issue, name of the institution and its legal form, its location, type and kind (Institute, University, Academy) education institutions and accreditation. At the moment the term of the license obtained by the University lasts for 6 years.

The certificate of state accreditation of educational institution attached to the application, without which the license is valid. The application specifies: the list of professional educational programs on which the school has the right to issue a state diploma, the maximum number of students, percentage of teachers with degrees and advanced degrees needed to teach. Accreditation certificate and Annex to it certified by an official stamp and signed by the Minister of education of Russia.

In the case of the open University a new specialty she can't have certificate of state accreditation. The fact that the procedure of accreditation as the University as a whole, is only possible after the first release. In this case, the students of this intake should be in the process of studying constantly interested in with the University management about whether the filed documents to obtain a state license. Otherwise, students may be issued a diploma that has no value.

Accreditation of branches of higher educational institutions is carried out simultaneously with the licensing of the main educational institutions, because branches are part of it.

Right of the University to obtain the license

The certificate gives educational institution the right to provide benefits to students and prospective students of the University, which conform to the legislation of the Russian Federation (scholarships, increased scholarships, Dorm room). Students of internal form of training INSTITUTION has the right to grant a delay from service in army for a period before graduating from the University.

After obtaining a license of the state sample, the higher education institution receives the right to issue state diplomas. The certificate entitles the University to use print with the State emblem of the Russian Federation. State diploma the UNIVERSITY has the right to issue only for those professions which are listed in the Appendix of the certificate. All of the above applies to both budgetary, and paid departments.

Thus, the accreditation of educational institutions – this permission is the main educational body of the state, the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the training specialties of higher educational institution, as well as confirmation of its conformity with established criteria.