Advice 1: What are the most polluted sea in the world

Contaminated with the different varieties of waste of the world sea - beach of our time. Mediterranean, Azov, Baltic, Black in Europe; South China, Laccadive - in other regions of the globe are antiliberal ratings clean seas.
What are the most polluted sea in the world

Sad Champions of Europe

According to Greenpeace, fame dirtiest awarded the Mediterranean sea. The cradle of civilization off the coast of France, Spain and Italy contains at kilometer of seabed more than 1,950 items of waste. While tourists from all over the world looking at the sunrises and the sunsets over the Crete, under the bottom of cruise ships lie the layers of plastic bottles and bags, destroying the last stocks of tuna and swordfish.
In a liter bottle of Mediterranean water contains 9-11 grams of oil, plus heavy metals and sewage.

Second, “mud”- the Black and Azov seas. Having a closed structure and benthic layers of hydrogen sulphide, during storms their eco-balance is complicated by the mixture of putrid deposits of junk and waste water the largest rivers of Europe.

Another leader of the sad rating - Baltika. This waterway of Northern Europe shallow. The hydrological fact is compounded by the fact that for decades in the waters of the sea of the industrial giants of Europe arranged the cemetery of debris. Only the sea was six dozen deadly tombs.

The Baltic sea - and even the world's only sea, which is called the sea of death of the future! We are talking about half a million tons of German shells, bombs and toxic substances buried at the bottom of the sea. Under the action of salt water and the ravages of time munitions with mustard gas, sarin, diphosgene, soman, rust, bringing a catastrophe on a European scale. For example, mustard gas hydrolyses and forms a poisonous jelly, poison the sea for many decades.

After the second world war, the British flooded the West of the channel 120 thousand tons of chemical warheads. In view of the unlimited dumping of waste industrial water, power plants, North sea as the same is considered dirty. At least, the environmental Commission of the EEC identified it immediately after the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic.

World anciliary

Rapidly developing economies of Southeast Asia and China with their dirty ports and megacities of the South China sea: Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Taiwan in the first place. The main toxic component has become a growing stream of wastewater flowing into it without any filtering. The South China sea according to the results of samples in its coastal waters is most dirty sea of the southern hemisphere.

The big cities of Western India: Calcutta, Chennai, Visakhapatnam has made the coastal waters of the Bay of Bengal and Laccadive sea the second pollution of the sea by the region of Asia with the highest content of heavy metals. In port waters, their concentration is 0.3-0.5 ml per litre.

Technological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. has made it the most dirty sea of America. Just off the coast of Louisiana in the sea fell about 10 million barrels of oil.
Gulf of Mexico closes the ranking of the most polluted seas of the world ocean.

Advice 2: What sea is China's

A lot of tourists who are going on vacation to China, wondering what the seas bordering the country, indeed, where to relax, which coast to choose. By the way, there are plenty to choose, because in China, as many as three seas.
What sea is China's
China is surrounded by three semi-enclosed sea in the Pacific – is the East China, South China and the Yellow sea. Semi-enclosed sea is like a pond, which surrounds the mainland in some parts, and from the ocean is nearby Islands. If you do not take into account the coastline of the Islands, which are part of the state and account for about three-and-a-half thousand units, the entire coast of China stretches for 12,000 miles.
The yellow sea is located in the center of the shallow mid-continental shelf. The sea surface covers an area of 417 thousand square kilometers. The depth of the Yellow sea the average is about forty meters.
As for the East China sea, its surface covers an area of 752 thousand square kilometers, and has an average water depth of 350 meters. The East China sea connects with the South China waters at the expense of the Taiwan Strait, whose length is approximately three hundred and sixty kilometers, but the width in the narrowest places is 130 kilometers. The Strait is shallow, as in his channel there are places in which the water depth does not exceed the sixty meters.
The South China sea is the largest of those, whose waters bathe the territory of China: its surface covers an area of 2140 square kilometers. East China and the Yellow sea represent shallow waters, but South China is situated at the level of 1-2 km, in some places the maximum water depth reaches five miles.
Currently becoming more popular to vacation on the shores of the China seas. Interesting and exciting holidays can be hold in China. Heading for the China seas on the ship that will bring travelers to the picturesque Islands, one of which is Hainan, which is the largest tropical island, which is located in the southern part of China.
Around the world the island of Hainan is famous for its amazing beaches and clear water. Almost most of the island is covered with forests, this means that the collection is dominated by clean and healthy air, which pleases travelers. This island is safe compared with a Paradise.
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