What is Gilbert syndrome and why it develops

Syndrome, or Gilbert's syndrome is a hereditary pathology that is manifested in the increase in the concentration of bilirubin in the blood, jaundice and the appearance of the health of other disorders. In the neonatal period diagnosis is very difficult due to the fact that the concentration of bilirubin in the blood is high in all infants, and only as a child gets older, doctors can ascertain the presence of this disease. The mechanism of development of pathology due to the lack of a liver enzyme glucuronyltransferase. With insufficient breaks down the process of binding indirect bilirubin and jaundice develops.

The principles of the diet for Gilbert's syndrome

Diet №5 is designed specifically for patients suffering from Gilbert. Its main principle is the use of low-fat foods, steamed, baked or boiled. Canned food, smoked products, pickled vegetables, bitter sauces and condiments, any pastry with cream, ice cream, chocolate, alcoholic drinks should be eliminated from the diet completely. Patients with Gilbert syndrome do not eat soups, cooked with mushroom, fish and meat broths, and fatty varieties of meat and fish. As for the greens, should not eat green onions, sorrel, spinach, radishes.

What can I eat people with Gilbert's syndrome

As the first course, the patient is allowed to consume vegetable or milk soups with cereals or pasta. Fresh bread is not a must – preference will have to give yesterday's baked goods from wheat or rye flour. Sausage is better to choose milk, biscuits – no butter.

The use of butter and vegetable oil are allowed in quantities not exceeding 50 mg per day. Fish low-fat varieties are encouraged to bake, meat and game – bake and boil. Porridges made of buckwheat and oat cereals, puddings, and casseroles are prepared so they are crumbly. Eggs to eat, can only eat 1 egg a day, adding it to the main dish.

The patient with Gilbert's syndrome are allowed to eat non-acidic fruits and berries, drink non-acidic fruit juices, stewed fruit, jelly, broth hips, weak tea or coffee with milk, tomato juice. Add to beverages sugar, honey, condensed milk can. The table is allowed. From dairy products are useful are mild hard cheeses, low fat cottage cheese and sour cream.