Where to apply for a loan

Of course, if you want to take a couple of months 10-20 thousand, you can get such a loan, and even interest-free from relatives or friends. But when you need the amount of several hundred thousand rubles, with friends you are unlikely to get such money available to the majority of the population just yet.

But literally on every fence and on the Internet you will be able to see the ads "borrow Money", "Quick loan", "Loans for a small percentage", "money Loan". The sources of these tempting offers are numerous offices of microfinance, credit cooperatives and similar organizations, which mainly offer loans at the extortionate interest rates. In the best case, because in the Internet, for example, most of the proposals from the scammers who asked the most compelling under the pretext of an advance payment, gone forever.

So, if you have a positive credit history, will suit even the loan taken for purchase of household appliances, furniture or cell phone, you can apply for a loan to the Bank.

How to get money in the Bank at lower interest

First of all, you should not rely on the interest that banks declare in their advertisements. As a rule, such interest can only count the regular customers of the Bank, and then only under the condition that together with the loan they will issue insurance, the amount of which increases the actual lending rate by a few points.

The first thing you should contact those banks where you maintained, i.e. where you have a checking or salary account. These banks already know you as a client and have the representation, at least approximate, about your credit. In addition, some of the primary documents they have already submitted. With each client Bank works individually, and the interest rate that you will be able to offer largely depends on your reliability and the availability of documents that will prove it.

In the same Bank you can get the required amount, in one case by providing only a passport and a driver's license, and the other collecting the bunch of documents: copy of employment record, salary certificate, certificate of ownership of the property. But the interest rate in these cases is completely different and in the second it may be two or more times lower than in the first. So, if you want to get a loan at low interest rates, do not be lazy and collect a full package of documents required by the banks.