Definitely say which Bank has the lowest percentage of the loan is difficult because banks usually set a floating rate. It is determined for each borrower on an individual basis. In most banks there is a rule - the higher requirements for the borrower, the lower the interest rate. It depends on proof of income, collateral and guarantors, the credit history of the borrower. Also the interest rate can affect the term and amount of loan, and the availability of insurance.
Often, low interest rate on the loan is accompanied by additional conditions, which make lending less profitable - for example, the presence of insurance, fees for valuation of collateral and for loans.

To take the credit under small percent, you can consider the following options:

- take advantage of the preferential lending programs with public subsidies;

- are joint credit programs to banks and manufacturers of goods (e.g. car loans) or retail outlets;

- to take out a Bank loan in which you receive a salary;

to take a credit card with a grace period and use borrowed funds without paying interest.

Preferential loans with state participation

If the loan you need for higher education, it is possible to obtain a soft loan with government subsidy. Such opportunity is provided by Sberbank and the Bank "Union". Rate on the program today is 5.06%. However, the borrower should study well, otherwise the state ceases to subsidize credit.

Earlier in Russia were the program of preferential car loan, but now it has ceased to have effect.

Joint credit programs of banks and producers of goods

Some banks offer loans with low interest together with automakers. Thus, the program "Rusfinance Bank" to buy a car Fiat with a rate of 6.9%, in Raiffeisenbank preferential loans with the interest rate of 9.9% applies to the brand, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Opel.

Some banks also offer preferential rates on target loans to purchase equipment, trips, treatment. For example, the program "AVTOVAZBANK" you can buy a tour with a lending rate of 8%. Bank "Center-invest" you can take a loan for treatment at the rate of 12% per year.

Loans for payroll clients

As a rule, the best credit offers available at the Bank in which you receive a salary or previously took a loan and have good credit history. Banks reduce for these customers rate by 2-4% and require a minimum package of documents.
For payroll clients of Sberbank, the rate is 15.5%, other 17.5%-22% per year.
In some banks to take the credit under small percent unable to state employees, military personnel. The latter have the opportunity to obtain loan under 13% in Gazprombank, and government employees may be credited with a rate of 11.9% in the Bank "AK bars".

Credit card with grace period

In order to obtain a loan and do not pay interest, you can get a credit card with a grace period. The main thing - to keep within the grace period. It usually is 55 days (the "Alfa-Bank" - up to 100 days).

The advantage of this loan is that, after its repayment of the borrowed funds can be reused, i.e. the credit limit is renewed.