Today there are several ways of obtaining credits for a small percentage:

- to take out a Bank loan in which you receive a salary;

- to take loans, the interest on which is lower than for non-earmarked;
Rate on trust loans starts from 5.5-12% per annum, whereas non-targeted - from 15.5%.

- if you have guarantors or collateral for the loan (home, car, etc.);

- if you belong to the privileged categories of borrowers, some banks can provide lower interest rates on loans.

In any case, to obtain a soft loan must have good credit history.

Preferential loans for payroll clients

Each Bank payroll customers are in a privileged position and are accorded preferential rates on loans. The fact that these categories of borrowers for banks more transparent - they can see their income and evaluate their consistency. Loans to payroll customers banks issue quickly enough and having just one document - passport.

In order to take a loan at an even lower rate, you can attract guarantors. Also, if you have collateral in the form of a car or apartment, you will not only get a favorable interest rate, but also can increase the amount of lending.
When applying for a loan payroll clients of Sberbank, the rate is 17.5%, for comparison, on General terms - 18%-22% per year. The loan guarantee is issued with a rate of 15.5-17.5%

Targeted loans

If you know exactly what to spend the credit money, then you can expect a reduced interest rate. These loans belong to the category of the target. This means that the money is issued to you, and go directly to the organization selling the goods or providing services.

Among these are loans, including car loans or educational. Until the end of 2013 in Russia were
the program of preferential car loan. According to her, the citizens were granted preferential loans for the purchase of domestic and foreign cars worth up to RUB 750 thousand, the State compensated from the budget, banks lost revenue in the amount of 5.5%, as consumers purchased a car at a rate of 9-10%. Now this program is not valid, but some banks provide loans on individual models of cars on preferential terms. For example, "Rusfinans Bank" provides credit for the purchase of the car brand Fiat at the rate of 6.9%.

Also the Russians have the opportunity to take education loan on favorable terms. In particular, Sberbank offers education loans with the interest rate of 5.06% program state subsidy.

Preferential credits for certain categories

Today, some banks have developed special loan programs for certain categories of citizens. For example, public sector employees, military personnel or workers of the gas sector. Rates on such loans range from 12.5% per annum.

These loans can be spent for any purpose, including for the improvement of living conditions.