The credit without an overpayment to take quite real. Look for promotions – many shops and shopping centers are satisfied together with the Bank shares for the sale of goods on interest-free loan. Typically, the store is doing a discount on the amount of the overpayment of the loan and it is interest-free. The store receives a bulk distribution of goods, and banks – the massive influx of customers.
Note that in many cases not all the goods are sold interest-free loan. Often by this action implement the sticker, use a low demand. Credit conditions are also standardized and to take a loan for any other term, or any other Bank will not work.
The terms of the loan, it never hurts to check yourself. Take the loan officer on the contract, payment schedule and loan repayment. At home, in a quiet environment, read the agreement and make sure that it does not include any items about the hidden overpayments, commissions, insurance, etc. On schedule payments verify that the overpayment on the credit available. Visit the point of repayment of the loan and see isn't that when you make payments will have to pay a fee.
Be sure to ask what will happen if you skip one or two payments. Well, if there's only a penalty, and then only for re-entry. In the worst case even after a slight delay an interest-free loan would become normal, and even accepted at the higher rate.
An existing long-term credit is also worth keeping an eye on various Bank offers. In cases where the loan rates will fall or a new Bank will give loans at minimal interest, the remainder of an existing loan can refinance. That is, the remaining amount to take a loan in another Bank and continue paying the new loan with a lower overpayment. But in this case, you must pre-calculate everything: how much you need to borrow to pay the first loan, and any amounts overpaid will be in that and in other case.
Many credit organisations provide to certain categories of customers preferential loans, different from the usual reduced interest rates or lack of them. As a rule, beneficiaries may be retirees, military personnel, families, students, veterans and other socially vulnerable segments of the population. If a prospective borrower belongs to one of these categories, you should look for such offers in the first place.
On a subsidized loan you can count on and businesses planning to implement social projects. For example, a care center for the homeless. In case, if I can prove to the authorities the social significance of the project is to count on the support from their side. For example, they can take Bank interest and even part of the costs of implementing the ideas.
Many private companies offer their employees interest-free loans to buy a car or real estate. Of course, not all, but most valuable employees – executives and highly qualified specialists. The benefit is mutual: employee of the company receives a credit without an overpayment and does not need to go to the Bank as monthly installment will be automatically deducted from your paycheck. The company gets rid of specialists, because until the employee is not paid all he will not resign and will not go to competitors.