Do I need a med diet allergies and diabetics?

Honey is a bee product useful on a diet its ability to satisfy hunger and to fill the lack of vitamins. Its composition can be compared with a vitamin-mineral cocktail, as it contains all the organic acids, without which the process of constructing proteins of the body is defective. The caloric value of honey is high, and it depends on the place of gathering his bees. For example, if you compare the mountain and meadow honey, the ground contains a lot more calories.

The use of honey in the diet should be approached with caution. In any case it should not, there are people with allergies. Useful he will be in severe obesity. But when you lose weight you can begin to enter in the menu in small doses.

Opinion about the use of honey was divided and specialists involved in the treatment of diabetes. So, some doctors strongly recommend to abandon the med completely, explaining its ban sweetness and high calorie content of the product. However, from the results of scientists who have studied honey repeatedly, it becomes clear that it is capable of lowering the level of glycated hemoglobin and blood pressure. And, despite the content of the honey carbohydrates, it does no harm to the health of diabetics through their transformation by the liver into glycogen.

How the body responds to the use of honey on a diet?

Due to the unique composition of honey strengthens the immune system and accelerating all metabolic processes. The result of regular use of honey is common recreation, the renewal of the cells of the body and loss of excess weight. And improve digestion due to the influence of several factors:
- stimulates release of bile by the liver;
- rapid breakdown and utilization of fats;
- no accumulation of fat;
- regular chair.

In addition, honey is a natural antidepressant, improves mood and turn a diet into an acceptable lifestyle.

Terms of use honey on a diet

Despite the usefulness of this product, to get involved in them is not recommended. To replenish the body's needs for vitamins and minerals is enough to eat only 2 – 3 teaspoons of honey a day. Frozen honey should not be heated over 40 ° C, otherwise it will lose its beneficial properties. For this reason, it is not added to the tea instead of sugar. You can eat a spoonful of honey and drink tea.

Snack main course honey is not recommended, otherwise this dessert will increase the caloric content of food. Therefore it is better to eat it in small doses 3 to 4 times a day on an empty stomach. Some nutritionists advise to drink at night, a glass of warm water with honey and lemon juice. Such a healthy drink improves sleep and accelerates the process of cleansing the body.

However, the honey was really useful during a diet, it should not be bought in pasteurized form. This sweet product has to be only natural and not to be subjected to treatments.