Advice 1: How to clean your gold

Looks very nice gilding in every apartment. Nice every morning to Wake up to the ringing alarm clock with beautiful rose gold plated case, eating under the dim light of a candle, standing in a carved gilded candlestick. Finally, it's nice to go to expensive watches with gold-plated strap. But such beauty requires care and periodic cleaning.
How to clean your gold
Before doing the next cleaning plated items, erase them from all the dust, wipe with a soft sponge or piece of cotton wool. Just pre-moisten a sponge or cotton wool with turpentine or wine alcohol. If you have no liquids, you can get a nice strong beer or a mixture of soap and ammonia in a ratio of 4:1.
Good clean gilding and egg whites. Them it is necessary carefully to wipe the item using a piece of flannel. You can use the mixture of proteins (2-3 eggs) with javel water (18 g). The resulting composition apply gilding using a soft brush, paying special attention to the tarnished areas.
For these purposes used pure red wine vinegar. Cover them with gilding with a soft brush, piece of cotton or sponge. After 5 minutes carefully rinse off the vinegar with clean water and leave to dry without wiping it.
For washing gold-plated things, immerse them in warm podpylennuyu water for 10-20 minutes where you must first drop of ammonia (2 tsp per liter water). Alcohol will increase the gloss of gold, will help to clear the subject. In addition, he is a good antistatic agent. Gilded rinsing the items in clean water, wipe them dry.
Gilded bronze can be cleaned with the same tool and wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water soft brush, then apply with a soft brush a composition of 60 parts of water, 15 parts nitric acid and 2 parts of alum. Then leave the object to dry, not wiping it.
Useful advice
Extend the life of gold plated items will not only keep them clean, but also correct operation. Do not place the gilded sconces and jewelry case in the bathroom as simultaneous exposure to humidity and temperature will spoil the appearance of gilding. Gold plated things also afraid of direct sunlight.

Advice 2 : Gold earrings: interesting patterns and rules of care

Gold is associated with prosperity and wealth. Gold color accents on the sophistication of jewelry, giving everyday style a drop of individuality and luxury. But not every girl can afford gold jewelry of the highest standard. Here come to the aid of the accessories with gold, which also emit a pleasant warm glow, but it is based on medical alloy, silver or steel - because of this the price of the ornament is reduced significantly.
Gold earrings: interesting patterns and rules of care

Among the decorations especially popular are gold plated earrings. They may have a different design, but the price is always quite reasonable. Of course, the cost of the product is affected by the nature of the insertion, because such jewelry with semi-precious stones. But precious stones (corundum, diamonds) do not put in the silver earrings with gold.

Gold plated earrings with minerals and stones

Earring with gold plating is often used silver. Because silver is easy to work with, it lends itself well to the procedure of gilding. Jewelers use various inserts in order to emphasize the beauty of jewelry. On the basis of the used stone select several types of earrings.

Gold plated earrings with pearls. Delicate pearls perfectly complements the elegant style of the owner. The combination of pearl and Golden color - it has long been a classic.

Gold plated earrings with cubic Zirconia. These stones transparent colour resembling diamond. Cubic Zirconia is easy to put different shapes or be socketed into a separate part of the jewelry.

Gold plated earrings with Topaz. This option is more rare, because Topaz is a valuable gem.

How to clean gold plated earrings

First remove all surface dust, then wipe the product with a cloth soaked in alcohol or turpentine. Even for cleaning gold plated earrings suitable conventional ammonia or a solution of Marseilles soap.

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