Before doing the next cleaning plated items, erase them from all the dust, wipe with a soft sponge or piece of cotton wool. Just pre-moisten a sponge or cotton wool with turpentine or wine alcohol. If you have no liquids, you can get a nice strong beer or a mixture of soap and ammonia in a ratio of 4:1.
Good clean gilding and egg whites. Them it is necessary carefully to wipe the item using a piece of flannel. You can use the mixture of proteins (2-3 eggs) with javel water (18 g). The resulting composition apply gilding using a soft brush, paying special attention to the tarnished areas.
For these purposes used pure red wine vinegar. Cover them with gilding with a soft brush, piece of cotton or sponge. After 5 minutes carefully rinse off the vinegar with clean water and leave to dry without wiping it.
For washing gold-plated things, immerse them in warm podpylennuyu water for 10-20 minutes where you must first drop of ammonia (2 tsp per liter water). Alcohol will increase the gloss of gold, will help to clear the subject. In addition, he is a good antistatic agent. Gilded rinsing the items in clean water, wipe them dry.
Gilded bronze can be cleaned with the same tool and wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water soft brush, then apply with a soft brush a composition of 60 parts of water, 15 parts nitric acid and 2 parts of alum. Then leave the object to dry, not wiping it.