You will need
  • Beam 100 mm×100 mm, boards with a minimum thickness of 30 mm, a roofing material, used engine oil, hammer, nails, polyethylene, shovel, paint.
Find a place to house the canopy and determine the number of racks you need. If the canopy is small enough to 4 racks if it is quite long, you will need to supply 6 or 8. Mark the space and dig at an equal distance from each other in a pit among the pillars. Lubricate the lower ends of racks of spent oils, wrap them with plastic bags attached to the tree with wire. This will prevent the rack from rotting. Then put the supports in the pit, by means of a plumb check vertical position. Then fill in the pit, the gravel and pour the cement stands. When the cement hardens, you can stand to dig and compact the earth around.
How to do it yourself canopy
Next you need to mark the position of the rafters. They will be attached to boards from which you will form the beam. Mark, where will be the rafters, aligning the boards with their ends. The beam presumably so that she's a lot left over at the rack. The value of this output should be the same as the gutter.
Then drill in the beam and columns of holes. Seal the design with the help of bolts and nuts. Better to do it together and under heads of bolts and nuts to put a wide washer. Put on the beams of the rafters and fasten them with nails. Better to do it using metal plates. Rafters should be positioned so as to form a slight slant. He needed to on the shed roof does not accumulate water.
How to do it yourself canopy
Nail the side moldings to the ends of the rafters, then install the gutter and attach to the side rods front and rear eaves. You can also make the upper struts. It's beautiful, besides, they can affect plants, which are subsequently put down. Now you can stow the roof. Roof can be made of metal and translucent roof sheets or other material. They should be attached to the roof frame. So, your tent is up, it can be painted or covered with a special waterproof impregnation.
How to do it yourself canopy