Egg, thanks to its nutritional qualities, is considered one of the most useful products. No balanced diet is not complete without eggs, because they are very rich in vitamins (A, D, E, b group) and minerals, and protein, which is almost 100% absorbed by the human body. Contained in the egg lecithin and iron contribute to the improvement of krovoobrashseniya.

Everyone knows that village eggs tastier and healthier than that obtained in industrial conditions. So many people when traveling out of town to buy a large number of eggs. The realities of modern life not everyone can boast of a large refrigerator that will fit four or more dozen eggs. And then the question arises – how to store them to avoid protogenia and the subsequent poisoning?

Egg protein - the only food that contains only protein. No fat, no carbs in it.

Storing eggs

Storing eggs without refrigeration often practiced and continues to practice until now in the villages: eggs kept in cool dark places. Of course, the apartment is also possible to store eggs outside the refrigerator, however, it is not recommended to do it longer than 1 week. If the eggs of the village, you can still leave them at room temperature for 14 days, but not more. And if you purchased a large number of eggs in the store (for example, before Easter), do it not earlier than 5-6 days before the expected period of use.

If you still want to keep eggs longer than the specified time, then carefully wipe them with a damp rag to remove all dirt. Then you need to take a dry cloth, moistened in any vegetable oil and coat each egg. Thus on the surface is formed oily film that protects the eggs. After you need to pack each in paper or newspaper and store in a cool, dark, dry place, preferably well ventilated. It is important to prevent cooling of eggs to sub-zero temperatures In such as fresh eggs can lie up to 2 months.

People with high cholesterol should limit consumption of eggs.

Lovers of raw eggs

Before use, the eggs should be rinsed with hot water. It helps to clear the shell of bacteria and prevent them from getting inside. And fans to use the crude product after washing, should once pour over the egg with boiling water to eliminate the risk of Salmonella.