You will need
  • a container of water
In appearance to determine the freshness of eggs is hard enough, but remember that fresh eggs the shell always clean and shiny. Have a not too fresh egg shell matte and has a grayish or yellowish tint. If the egg shake, then fresh will be quiet "sit" in the shell, and the poor will as a little dangle.
The easiest way to check is to place the egg in a container of water. Fresh egg will immediately sink to the bottom and take a horizontal position. If the egg looked about a week, it should pop up slightly dull side up. The thing is that over time, the inside of the egg with the blunt side of the accumulated air. He pulls the egg up. If the egg was in a vertical position, it means that the age of 2-3 weeks. For food use, but store no longer worth it. However, this test can be inaccurate if the shell has a small crack, through which the egg could get more air.
In industrial conditions the freshness of eggs is determined by candling. Have fresh eggs easily-rayed protein, and the yolk is almost invisible. If there is a small blackout, then the egg is not too fresh. But the wretched egg is not visible at all.
You can determine the freshness of the egg, breaking it. Look closely at the yolk and white. Have svezhenanesennogo egg yolk has a dense globular form. Around the yolk 2 layers of protein in a denser, outside - spreading. The egg is a week old still retains the shape of the yolk, but the protein is already homogeneous and spreads. The egg, whose age 2-3 weeks, you'll be flattened yolk and spreading in protein. Not to spoil the dish poor the egg, you should break each egg into a separate bowl before adding to the dish.
Fresh eggs stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks, but broken need to use within 2 days. Frozen egg mixture can be stored for 4 months.