Sterility hairdressing tool

Combs, scissors and brushes used by the master when cutting hair, you must wash in running water, cleaned of visible contaminants and then putting them in a solution of disinfectant. The tool needs to be completely immersed in it, and after rinsing with water. Also, a hairdresser can use a very concentrated spray sanitizer that is sprayed on the surface of the tool.

In addition, in beauty salons must be cleaned and disinfected hot-cabinets for handling tools.

Hairdresser at the beauty salon or the hairdresser is also required to be sterilized thoroughly curlers, clips, nets and caps for Curling under running water with detergent. Removable electric knives machines should be disinfected after each client with disinfectant, and fixed metal parts shall be thoroughly cleansed of hair, and twice opryskiwacze a sanitizer. After treatment, hairdressing tool should be stored in a special place where you will not be re-contamination.

Mechanical cleaning or sterilization of the tool

Cleaning feel cut off hair and Barber is obliged to make in the back room or a specially designated place. Prohibited hair blow drier or off of babydolls near your chair because they fall into the respiratory tract and can cause severe throat irritation or allergic reactions. For the disposal of used gowns and hair, the hairdresser should use a sealed container of which the inside is lined with disposable trash bags.

Ideally every hairdresser should be not one but several sets of grooming tools, which he can change before the end of disinfection.

Re-using trash plastic bags and shaking out their contents in a container for household waste is strictly forbidden. Disinfection of hairdressing equipment can also be performed using UV lamps, which serve as a bacterial sanitizer and storage tool disinfected before the next use. Also, the hairdresser should keep clean of the working mirror, chair and table, which accumulates a huge amount "footprints" customers in the form of particles of hair, dandruff and dead skin cells.