You will need
  • shampoo
  • - ammonia,
  • soda,
  • brush.
Method wash the combs depends entirely on what material it is made. The most common combs made of metal, plastic, wood or even bone. The greatest trouble delivering wooden combs. Wood can crack, and therefore, a large quantity of water to wash them is not worth it. But in the case of pollution do not just throw it away, just wipe the teeth with a cotton swab that is moistened with vodka. The fat will dissolve the alcohol. The fleece will remain dirt and dust.
If you have a plastic comb, then you're in luck! Behind it are the easiest to care for. With combs it is necessary to remove all adhering to her hair. In order to wash the comb, enter into a basin of warm water. Then add any shampoo, about 30 ml. it Should be noted that professional barbers are adding ammonia to the shampoo in the same proportions. Under the influence of these components, any type of dirt: grease, particles of foam or hair spray from the comb are separated, leaving no trace.
If after this procedure away all the dirt, try to RUB your comb itself with a regular brush toothbrush. And in order to be sure that the comb just become clean, you can apply the brush a little soda ash. If a plastic comb is used for combing out lice, one wash will not do here. It is required to disinfect. This will place it about half an hour in the bleach solution. Then rinse under strong running water.
Metal combs usually are washed as well as plastic. The only thing you need them to do is not to forget to dry after washing. Otherwise, the remaining teeth on the metal moisture will lead to rust. Then the comb will have to be thrown away.