You will need
  • - water
  • shampoo
  • - ammonia
  • - alcohol
  • soda
  • - toothbrush
Technique of washing combs will depend on the material from which it is made. Most often they are made of plastic, metal, bone or wood. The most difficult to care for wooden combs. It is not recommended to wash in plenty of water due to the threat of the cracks of the wood. But do not hurry to throw out the favorite, just wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in vodka. The alcohol will dissolve the fat deposits, dust and dirt will remain on the wool that you then throw away in the trash.
And the easiest to care for plastic. Remove from the brush all adhering to her hair. Close the sink drain hole, dial the warm water, add 30 ml of any shampoo. Professional hairdressers suggest to complement the shampoo is ammonia, taken in the same amount. Under the influence of both substances, dirt, grease, paint residues or foams for the hair fall off the combs, leaving no trace.
If not all the dirt was gone after soaking, RUB the comb the conventional toothbrush, which is to make sure you can apply a little baking soda. If the comb used for combing out lice also wash and disinfect. Soak it for half an hour in a 10% bleach solution, then rinse them under running water.
Metal combs can be washed in the same way as plastic, but remember to dry well after cleaning. The moisture remaining in the metal can lead to rust. This comb will only throw.