Always choose from several models. Hold the scissors in hand, try them in motion. Carefully, not in a hurry, pick the option that suits your features and personality. Ideally, when buying a good to try scissors something to cut.
Pay attention to how you conveniently control the scissors. The tool should not cause discomfort. Remember to keep the scissors will need a whole day. Sometimes, for convenience, use a pair of scissors are equipped with special inserts for rings. This allows not only to decrease or increase the diameter of the holes, but also to avoid skin contact with metal and professional blisters.
The handles of the scissors can be different: classical or asymmetrical shape. Offset rings help to relieve muscle tension in the fingers when performing certain types of work.
Pay attention to the power and smoothness with which open and close the scissors. It is important that the tool did a quality cut, not eating hair. Well, if the center there is an adjustable screw. Is configured, the scissors will be fixed in any position of disclosure, which will stop their master.
Examine the material from which made the tool. The harder the steel, the longer the service life of the scissors. The addition of chromium and Nickel helps prevent rust. Vanadium and molybdenum added for durability and strength. Chrome and titanium coating provides hypoallergenic. The use of silver and gold is of a decorative nature.
Determine what types of work you acquire the tool. Universal scissors allow you to do the technique of sliding slice them smooth fabric. Thinning shears can be with teeth of different widths, allow you to create speed and thick hair. Tool for direct shear is manufactured mironositskoy that the hair does not slip on the canvas.
Pay attention to the design and cost of the scissors. A professional tool can not be cheap. Sometimes, however, you need to understand that the cost may be increased due to the aesthetic component of the shear. The average price of a professional instrument ranges from 2000 to 5000 rubles.