The value of honey is known since ancient times. It used to eat not only for the sake of enjoying the taste and aroma, but also for the treatment of many diseases.

Threat to honey temperature

Hot milk with honey since childhood, a well-known panacea for all colds. However, time goes on and scientists make new discoveries. One of them was a study which revealed that honey at a temperature above 40oC, and becomes just a sweet product. All its healing properties are lost.

In order to cure the common cold with this delicious bee product, it is necessary to dissolve the honey in water at room temperature. Another option is to eat it plain with hot tea or milk.
Strengthen the positive effect of the use of honey in the treatment of a cold infusion of lime and raspberry.

What else is bad for honey

Please note that in the interaction of med with zinc, lead, copper or an alloy containing any of these metals, the oxidation of acids included in the composition of honey. The result is the formation of compounds with toxic effects on the body.

When storing honey in iron containers may also be observed oxidation. However, it is not harmful to health. The only consequence of this interaction may be an unpleasant taste, appeared in the product.
Perfect for storing honey is glass and the enameled container with a tight lid.

Exposure to direct sunlight, including ambient light, honey also has a detrimental effect. Resulted in the collapse of honey enzymes having antimicrobial action.

The benefits of honey

As already mentioned, honey is useful in the treatment of colds, because it has antimicrobial action as a result of its constituent enzymes.

Honey – a storehouse of essential for organism microelements: magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, calcium, chlorine. All these substances have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system ,maintaining and regulating the levels of hemoglobin.

The b vitamins present in honey, required for normal growth of healthy nails, hair and skin. They have a positive impact on the reproductive function of the body.

Nicotinic acid is also a component of honey, can reduce total cholesterol and expand blood vessels.
In addition, honey is a great natural sedative.