Tea and supplements

Scientists believe that adding sugar to tea is not always justified because, statistically, people who drink black tea without him, less likely to suffer cancer. Green tea this rule does not apply to sugar only strengthens the positive healing properties of the drink and enhances the absorption of catechins contained in green tea.

Catechins are potent natural antioxidants that are present in both the green and black tea.

Thanks to the catechins neytralizuya free radicals that disrupt the cells of the body and provoke the development of malignant tumors. Also catechins delay the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In the tea contains much more catechins, than fruits and vegetables, but adding milk in tea that's hotter than necessary, the use of catechins lost considerably. Milk creates negative impact on tea antioxidant capacity and significantly reduces its therapeutic effect in conjunction with the General immune-stimulating benefits.

Harm tea with honey

Honey is a much healthier sugar – for this reason it is often added to tea and drunk for colds. Scientists claim that this is impossible, because the temperature is above 40 degrees completely destroys the diastase (enzyme valuable honey), and higher temperatures oxidize the fructose in the honey and turns it into a carcinogen. The oxidation product may trigger the development of malignant tumors in the gastrointestinal tract, so putting honey in hot tea is not recommended, as the drink is quite harmful and, in fact, is poison.

To honey is completely metabolised by the body, you need to eat it with a spoon with warm water – so it will not lose its many useful properties.

Similar should be done with lemon, which under high temperatures will also lose vitamin C and many other beneficial components that are destroyed by boiling water. The lemon gave all their vitamins intact, he should put in a little cooled down tea.

However, if tea with honey in your life, it can sometimes be used – for example, funds from insomnia. Take a walk before bedtime, and at night drink a Cup of this delicious drink that will help you to relax quickly and calm excited nervous system. If you feel a slight sweat, then honey began to withdraw from the muscles of accumulated toxins and taking the medicines was not in vain.