Medicines not sparing the stomach, liver, kidneys, they are not without side effects, but because if you catch cold and the first sign of illness it is wiser to treat people's methods in the recipes that treated my grandmother. One of these is milk with honey.
Drink milk with honey it's good with cold symptoms in the early stages, not allowing the disease to develop.

Honey and milk

Honey contains large amounts of vitamins and useful components. But, unfortunately, to use it correctly are able not all. The fact is that when heated it loses its properties, so when you add honey in your tea medicinal effect is not achieved. In this case, just honey replaces sugar, while the temperature of hot tea is not strong and useful. That is why the honey should be dissolved in warm liquid.

Honey with milk is an effective remedy for colds, but it is not recommended to drink with sore throat, because milk is an attractive medium for propagation of pathogenic microbes. Accordingly, grandma's recipe is useful for those who are sick viral respiratory infection, or flu without the sore throat.


In order to prepare this miraculous and simple remedy should be warm in a saucepan to 60 ° C a glass of cow's milk. To determine the temperature of the liquid just take it off the flame as soon as you notice the first surface of the milk bubbles.

Then add in the milk a little butter and a tablespoon of honey, all mix well and cool slightly. You need to take half a Cup three times a day, preferably before going to sleep, including daily. Grandmother would suggest another night to wrap the throat warm with a scarf, under which to hide alcohol compress, and feet wearing socks (dry mustard).


Honey is very good for cough, scientists confirmed by experiment they did with children: children up to 5 years before bed eat a spoonful of honey, after which calmer sleep and less coughing.
It is proved that the child older than 6 months can safely eat honey with milk (if not allergic to honey and the body cope with the lactose).

Cow's milk cleans the blood from harmful substances, toxins that cause aches with the disease and the condition of weakness. Milk contains many beneficial vitamins that help to restore the immune system and to cope with the cold. After a glass of warm milk, the nervous system loses its tone, comes a relaxation, a dream promises to be strong and serene, and the sleep are also known to cure.