How many seven or eight months should sleep in the day

Total sleep duration of seven months the child is fourteen or fifteen hours a day.
7-8 months in the first year of life the baby develops a certain mode of sleep, which he would follow for the next year. The duration of the NAP depends on the temperament of the child, its physiological characteristics and environmental conditions.

So, calmer kids sleep more than hyperactive. During the eruption of the teeth, or catarrhal manifestations of daytime sleep may be disrupted. Age norm is: morning sleep for two hours, usually from eleven in the morning until the hour of the day and afternoon, from three o'clock to five o'clock in the evening. Three NAPs is also justified in this age, but the number of hours of sleep is reduced to half. The undeniable fact is that during the walk the kids sleep much better than at home. So the restless baby to lay in the stroller and allow to breathe fresh air, sleep will come much faster.

How many seven or eight months should sleep at night

If you put the baby after nine o'clock, his normal sleep will last until seven in the morning. Thus, its duration would be ten hours. For night feeding the baby can climb after two o'clock in the morning and after delight little belly soundly asleep until morning. Your sleep at night affects the perception of the day. If the house were guests, and a little hornier, then the bedtime can be moved to a later time. During the night of the Wake, you must try to not interrupt a sleeping baby. Feeding and changing will be quite subdued light of a lamp.

How to help your child establish a sleep mode

Not put to bed the baby immediately after feeding. Hold it a few minutes a column.
If day in and day to repeat the rituals of bedtime, the baby will advance to tune into a certain mode. Before bedtime - bathing, soothing massage, putting on pajamas, feeding and singing a lullaby song. Before the day sleep - feeding, rocking her mother's hands and laying in bed with a favourite soft toy.

To sleep was strong and not interrupted, you should before bed to feed the baby more nutrients. For example, before bedtime give a half of milk porridge with butter. Suitable buckwheat, oats or corn. These varieties of cereals are digested quickly and saturate the baby for a long time.