Emotional changes in 6 months

Despite the fact that the duration of baby's sleep - the concept is highly individual and can depend on a number of factors, such as:
- temperament;
- emotional state;
- teething;
- intestinal colic, there are average indicators that can serve as a great guideline for moms and dads in monitoring the quality of sleep of their son or daughter. And to monitor the child's sleep is really necessary, because sleep is a determining factor in the effectiveness of cerebral activities, attention, mood.

Special tipping point, frightening many parents, occurs at six months of age, this period becomes a phase of active growth of bones, teeth. The child begins to be a deficiency of calcium in the body, increased anxiety. Many parents see significant changes in the behavior of the baby. So, if the child quickly tired and fell asleep, now it is naughty, it is difficult to put the evening, he does not sleep until I really do not want to.

Sleep and wakefulness

It is believed that the norm for the six-month-old baby is sleep, reaching 14-16 hours a day. While night takes about 10-11 hours, the rest of the time for short NAPs can be broken into several parts for 1-1,5 hours in the morning and evening. Ranging from three to six months the child appears active desire to communicate with the people around him, night vigil has consistently increase from 2 to 3.5 hours.

It is believed that the sleep of the child in 6 months is similar to adult: theoretically, by this age, you can teach your baby to sleep through the night entirely. Children who are breastfed at this age may still require the initiation of breastfeeding. The child begins to better navigate in the environment, can fall asleep on their own without any effort from the parents.

Sleep hygiene

The key to a healthy biorhythm six-month-old toddler is the observance of a few simple rules. The first thing the parents is not recommended to put the child to rest after 5-6 PM, to night child have enough tire, otherwise, the next sleep will come to him after midnight. In addition, at this age the baby can be completely trusted soft toy as a companion, which will help him to sleep sweet and undisturbed sleep.

Keep careful track of wakefulness and rest, it is possible that your child enough and 13 hours of sleep per night, maybe like "insomnia" associated with physical discomfort, wrong schedule, or some psychological and emotional disorders, who at this age are easily adjusted.