The curtain should be selected with consideration of the peculiarities of the room. For example, if the room is not tall, the curtain is better to fix under the ceiling. Moreover, the canvas should not be any bright parts, valances, ruches, flounces and the like.Even more visually pull the room to help window curtain length to the floor with small pleats. Narrow vertical stripes on the canvas will also make its contribution to increasing visual distance between the ceiling and the floor.If the room is quite narrow but has a high ceiling, cornice for curtains, you must choose a larger width than the window. That is, the curtains should cover part of the wall on both sides of the window (the so-called English style). Visually expand the room will help horizontal stripes on translucent fabric.
Very important when choosing curtains to consider the type of furniture, the overall style of the interior of the room. Overloaded with details (ruffles, ruffles, ruffles, lace) fabrics cannot be used in the room, furnished in a modern minimalist style. But for a classical interior, ruffles and draperies with tassels and velvet curtain are just.
It should take into account the location of the batteries in the room. If they are under the windowsill, the curtains should be made only to the sill. The alternative is to put the cornice in the room so that the fabric does not fall on the battery.
Now, in terms of color. The color of the curtains (tulle) should be in harmony with furniture, Wallpaper and the color of the curtains. This is not to choose the curtain, just caught in the furniture and Wallpaper, the tulle can be the same color as the walls.