Usually the choice of curtains begins with style, which should match the style of kitchen furniture. Models of curtains for kitchen can be very diverse. Drapes – pleated or with valances (ruffles, parecida) combine well with furniture from different varieties of wood.

Kitchen, country decorate curtains of tulle or natural fabrics. Practical Roman blinds (conveniently rolled into a roll) stylish and original look in the kitchen where is set of plastic. Try to sew curtains for the kitchen with their hands, if you can not find the right model at the store.

All the curtains must be made from practical material. Skillful mistress, after reviewing the photos several design options of curtains, you can sew curtains for the kitchen with his hands.

However you should know that the source material for the kitchen curtains should be resistant to:
· increased air temperature;
· high humidity;
· the smell of food;
· direct sunlight;
· regular washing.

For practical purposes it is better to choose an expensive cloth, which, after the confrontation kitchen factors can be replaced without much financial damage in a few years.

Operated for several years, keeping a good appearance, capable of only natural fabrics: cotton, poplin, cotton, linen, silk and lace. Therefore, before you begin sewing curtains with their hands need to carefully choose the material, taking into account the specifics of the kitchen.

However, any selected material must not be too tight that the blinds do not accumulate dust. For kitchen Windows short curtains are preferable, which on the sash strengthen a small ledge. At the same through the open top of the window unobstructed access to natural light than visually increases room.

By the way, modern technologies allow the production of fabrics is not only for decor but also as protective and Wellness. They contain a special fiber that can neutralize different smells under the influence of sun or artificial lighting.

However, for any choice of the curtains, their main purpose is peace and harmony in a favorite with the whole family the kitchen where you begin a work or school day.