Preparing for the inspection

Before heading to a medical facility, you must do two 3x4 photos see Medical examination for driving licence – pay procedure. Its value is set to a specific medical institution. Prices hours better to clarify in advance.

When medical inspection obligatory visit to the narcologist and psychiatrist. Some of the clinics have a license for this activity and include these professionals in planning the inspection. Others do not have these services. In this case, you must visit the narcological dispensary, where it will be analysed for the presence of drugs in the body. The next point of stay – psychiatric clinic. Here it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist and get help about mental health. Conscript citizens with disabilities should receive help in the military, which will contain an article on which there is a limitation to the service.

During a medical examination in the clinic it is better to get help "without limitation". Otherwise, rights would be stated: "without the right to work for hire." This can give a lot of trouble when applying for a job involving driving a car for business purposes.

Inspection specialists

In the clinic it is necessary to obtain the opinion of specialists: surgeon, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist and therapist. Women additionally need to visit a gynecologist.

With existing chronic diseases and/or health restrictions, will not prevent to take help from doctors, the medical examinations, statements from medical records, patient card. This will reduce the travel time of the examination and prevent unnecessary re-visits.

People wearing glasses or lenses, the examination should come with glasses and/or lenses. If driving a car or other vehicle without vision correction is impossible, an ophthalmologist in the certificate will indicate the mark "points required", "mandatory lenses" or "glasses or lenses required." This mark will then be transferred to a driver's license.

Medical certificate is valid for two years without health restrictions and one year with the restriction.