In order to understand what choice to make, you need to look at the pros and cons of each option.
The principal terms of lessons in a driving school is simple: you must provide all the necessary documents – passport, medical certificate, and full payment of the training course. One of the downsides of training in a driving school is a strict schedule. In addition, you will be able to choose their instructor.
After a two-month courses you have the most important exam in the traffic police. Exam, you can pass only with the certificate of completion of training in driving school and driver card. Also, you will need to pass a medical examination.
It is very important to choose a driving school that meets all your needs. Select from all of the driving schools of the city two or three and try to compare them based on the amount and quality of theoretical knowledge, the availability of all necessary licenses, computers and other equipment needed for lessons. Another important criterion for choosing a driving school can be reviews of your friends who attended there. Ask about the technical condition of vehicles in the Park school. Find out if you can retake the exam, if at first you don't succeed.
If you decide to do yourself, then you will have the opportunity to choose their instructor. Also you will be able to schedule classes. However, this option has its pitfalls, since it is not known how much money you have to spend to achieve the result.
But the fastest and most effective option for you can be a combination of lessons with a private instructor, and student in driving school. So, first you engage yourself, and then be able to secure the material in school. So you will surely pass the exam the first time, as you will be grounded both theoretically and practically.