The degree of myopia development

There are three degrees of myopia: first (mild), second (medium degree), the third (highest degree). Mild and moderate stages of myopia, appears at school age often do not progress, does not lead to complications. The Outlook for myopia these degrees are quite favorable. The diagnosis of myopia and to determine its degree can only ophthalmologist. He examines the patient, performs biomicroscopy, ophthalmoscopy, determines visual acuity, inspection of the fundus.

The success of treatment of myopia will depend on the degree of progression of existing complications. Therapeutic measures are aimed at stopping or slowing disease progression. It is important to prevent complications, as well as perform eye surgery. In the treatment of diseases of all methods used in the complex: drug treatment combined with physiotherapy, special optical exercises.
The sooner you start the treatment of myopia, the greater the chance for preservation of vision.

How to cure myopia of the first degree

First, the ophthalmologist should choose glasses for vision correction, which by reducing eye strain a bit to reduce the progression of the disease. In myopia the first degree prescribed glasses for distance, always wear them no need. With mild myopia also appoint a "relaxing" glasses, they have a weakly positive lenses, which promotes relaxation of accommodation. For relaxation and accommodation at home can also use special computer programs.
Accommodation is the ability to clearly distinguish objects at different distances from the eye.

To non-drug treatment of myopia is the observance of a General tonic regime, regime of the visual load. Be useful swimming, walks in the fresh air, balanced diet, rich in micronutrients vitamins, eye exercises. With a low degree of myopia should take vitamin-mineral complexes, containing lutein. To prevent the progression of myopia and its complications necessary to take calcium preparations, nicotinic acid. Will be effective electrophoresis with myopic mixture (calcium chloride, procaine, diphenhydramine), reflexology.

Good effect in treatment of the disease give your workout the ciliary muscles: the eyes are alternately inserted negative and positive lenses. Low degree of myopia can be eliminated by means of special physical exercises. They need to be performed in the sitting position.

Exercise # 1: shut your eyes tight for 5 seconds, then open them for 5 seconds, repeat the exercise 6-8 times.
Exercise # 2: eyes and blink rapidly for one to two minutes.
Exercise # 3: close your eyelids, and then massage them for 1 minute with gentle circular movements of the fingers.
Exercise # 4: push the upper eyelids with three fingers of each hand, discontinue pressure in 1-2 seconds, and then remove your fingers from the eyelids, repeat the exercise 3-4 times.