Always check the visual acuity to notice the slightest deterioration. This can be done on some sites and in the premedical office. If the child had vision problems, visit an ophthalmologist every 6 months. At the first sign of deterioration try to limit the visual performance of the child, that is, encourage walking, playing, meeting with friends instead of hours sitting at the computer, and lessons. Often even such simple measures taken on time, help to restore the vision. It is also good to give the child to section of table tennis, it helps to train the eye muscles.
Pay attention to the child's diet. It is better if the vitamins do in the body with food, not drugs. Although sometimes it is better to drink vitamin tablets than to experience their deficit. Vitamin a contains in carrots, but without the fat is not digested, therefore this vegetable you need to eat just butter. Vitamin C is found in large quantities in currants, rose hips, citrus fruits. If the baby tooth, the need for ascorbic acid at greater than he who is indifferent to sweet.
Still need a sufficient amount of potassium, you can get it from honey, Apple cider vinegar and dried fruits. Encourage your child to drink in the morning hot water with an added teaspoon of vinegar and honey, and in the evening after school, give him a glass of compote made of dried apricots. It is also good to enter into the diet of salads with Apple cider vinegar. Proper eating habits will improve eyesight not only the child but the whole family.
Use the method improve vision by academician Utehina. This is a special gymnastics for low degrees of myopia. For example, in one exercise you should try to read a book with one eye on the maximum possible distance for 15 minutes and then every 2-3 minutes it is necessary to bring the book to a working eye half distance. If the child has a small degree of myopia, this exercise should be performed without glasses, but if most glasses should be 2-3 diopter weaker than normal for a child. You can take his old glasses that he used when sight was better. This system worked well and helped to improve eyesight many people.