How useful yogurt?

In yogurt contains significant amount of calcium, which the human body is absorbed only at night. So if you care about your skeletal system, it is worth a couple of hours before going to bed drink a bit of kefir.

During the night the yogurt is fully digested by the body, so in the morning you will Wake up with an appetite that will allow you to eat a light Breakfast. Never forget about Breakfast, if you want to lose weight. The easiest Breakfast to energize you until lunch, besides guarantees that you will not break day during lunch and not eat a lot of excess food that we later regret.
Dairy products are absorbed by the body much easier than milk. The fact that dairy products complex milk proteins partially break up into more digestible substance.

A glass of kefir before bed is a great and effective prevention of inflammatory diseases, dysbiosis and even damage brain cells. Thanks to the useful substances and minerals, kefir wonderful effect on the overall condition of the body, especially with regular use.

This is a very useful product. It simultaneously quenches and thirst, and hunger. Kefir differs from other fermented milk products that for its preparation use special kefir fungi. Because of this, the alcohol content in kefir more than yogurt. Despite the fact that this quantity of alcohol is insufficient to obtain a state of intoxication, on the digestive system it acts strongly enough. In particular, it fights the harmful putrefactive germs in the intestine.

When to drink it?

To get the maximum benefit from drinking kefir at night, drink a half to two hours before bedtime. No need to "seize" yogurt with bread or biscuits, it will reduce the positive properties of the drink, and with regular use of baking at night you can gain a few extra pounds for a short period of time.
To abandon the use of yogurt is only when there are serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or digestive problems. Of course, you should not eat yogurt if you have an Allergy to it.

Japanese researchers found in yogurt and other dairy products are substances that protect the intestine against cancer problems. They believe that any dairy products containing bifidobacteria and lactobacilli contribute to the development of special anti-cancer compounds that help the immune system to get rid of the degenerated cells themselves.