Postgraduate courses as a form of postgraduate education

In higher educational institutions of the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation one of the forms of training is postgraduate. It is essentially the equivalent of postgraduate study in universities and civil orientation. An adjunct is in fact the officer-postgraduate.
Those who shall successfully complete training in the graduate school and to defend the thesis, get a degree and become candidates of Sciences.

Introduction the course is connected with the need of the society and power structures specialists of the highest caliber. Continuous post-graduate education in the conditions of constant development of technologies and the emergence of modern weapons becomes a necessity. Before adjuncts have the opportunity to dive into research to develop a theory or practice in chosen field of activity.

Peculiarities of education in the graduate

Any graduate is a structural unit of a military Academy or school, included in the Ministry of interior. But the General direction and control over the activities of the postgraduate studies by the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation. Scientific and pedagogical personnel in the graduate is prepared on an ad hoc basis.
The selection of candidates for training is carried out in accordance with departmental instructions and plan of acquisition of educational institutions.

Candidates enrol in a postgraduate course on a competitive basis. For this, they should have the diploma about the finished higher education. That postgraduate education is accessible to persons of middle, senior or General officers, having the predisposition to scientific work and specific achievements in their field of activity.

A graduate of a military Academy is preparing special plans and programmes which are prepared separately for full-time and correspondence forms of training. Methodists pick of the discipline and make a detailed schedule of educational process taking into account the time allowed for training. The usual period of study is three to four years. Plans of study in the graduate allow to produce professionals with qualifications not lower than higher school teacher.

Scientific research also suggests the presence of individual plans of training of adjuncts. They are developed by the trainees themselves under the guidance of the supervisor. Implementation of plans is under the control of the management of postgraduate studies. One of the types of such control – reports on the meetings of the Department to which assigned adjunct.

Such organization of educational process allows you to make regular graduate of a true scientist, capable of independently or as part of a working team to conduct a scientific, practical and teaching activities. Postgraduate – a real source of manpower for the institutions included in the military Department and the interior Ministry.