Experienced knowledge

It is a special kind of knowledge that was obtained through direct observations, experiments, practices, experiences. Kind experienced knowledge represents the harmonious unity of skills and knowledge on any subject. Many philosophers and scientists (Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx) tend to believe that the experience transformered into knowledge, and knowledge go into science.

Speaking about the education system as a way to transfer the experience we must understand that we are talking about that experience, which was later transformed into knowledge and scientific knowledge. After all, the experience itself can be positive, bringing new discoveries, both positive and negative, which either did not affect the knowledge of man and mankind, or carried intermediate, preparing explorers for new experience.

Transfer of experience or skilled knowledge

Experience in modern society is the education system of preschool, General, professional and additional. Society has placed the responsibility of education of children and adolescents through the educational system, giving them the accumulated experience of humanity. Experience can be of several types: physical, emotional, religious, mental and social. The last two types of experiences often focused modern education system. People socialities, gets a certain position in society, and acquires a mental experience. It is the ability of intelligence to perform the tasks in which decision the person had previously acquired experience. For example, a student of architectural University on the specialty of design of construction, in the future will be able to carry out calculations of construction similar to those taught him by the teachers.

The more knowledge accumulates, the greater the need for its structuring. This applies to skilled knowledge. So it can be transmitted through the education system. In itself, education is the process and result of mastering by the person of experience of generations in the form of a system of knowledge, abilities and skills.

Skills is the result previously obtained experience. And knowledge is something without which they cannot correct application. In addition, only thanks to the acquired knowledge and lessons learned perhaps the emergence of new knowledge. Therefore, education as a way of transferring experience - its most important function.